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Local Roads First in the News

New Times SLO

SLO County Isn't Moving Forward With Tax to Fund Transportation

May, 5th, 2024

With SLO County facing a $2.3 billion shortfall in transportation funding, a sales tax for transportation seemed like a practical way to make up for the lack of dollars...FULL STORY


A SLO County Transportation Tax Will No Longer Be on the November Ballot

May, 13th, 2024

Efforts to put a transportation tax on the November ballot for San Luis Obispo County have been paused...FULL STORY


A Proposed Transportation Tax Measure Will Not Be on the November Ballot for SLO County

May, 9th, 2024

A proposed transportation tax measure that would help fund pothole repairs, bike paths, interchanges and other county road fixes will not be on the November ballot...FULL STORY

Estero Bay News

County to Push for Transportation Sales Tax Hike

April, 26th, 2024

San Luis Obispo County’s roads need help, and if the county is to see relief from potholes, it needs to help itself...FULL STORY

Yahoo News via The Tribune

No One Likes New Taxes. But a SLO Sales Tax Will Directly Improve Local Transportation | Opinion

April, 15th, 2024

New taxes win few popularity contests. Your recent article is accurate, but more context is needed...FULL STORY

New Times SLO

New SLO County sales tax measure could make the November ballot 

March, 14th, 2024

SLO County residents could see a transportation sales tax on general election ballot if [SLOCOG] votes to pass a countywide self-help sales tax measure and transportation investment plan....FULL STORY


Proposed 1/2-cent sales tax would fund road repairs in San Luis Obispo County

March, 5th, 2024

How does $700 million toward local road repair and maintenance sound? Probably pretty good, but where would that money come from?...FULL STORY

The Tribune

SLO County’s Traffic is Getting Worse.

Is a New Sales Tax the Key to Easing Congestion? | Opinion

September, 26th, 2023

Voters in San Luis Obispo County may get another chance to pass a half-cent sales tax increase to fund highway improvements and other transportation projects...FULL STORY


[SLOCOG] is Looking Into a 0.5% Sales Tax Increase for Roads

September, 19th, 2023

The average miles per gallon of vehicles has roughly doubled over the last 30 years, and while that’s good for the environment. There may be some unintended consequences...FULL STORY


SLO County Considering a New Sales Tax That Could Generate $35 Million a Year

September, 11th, 2023

The San Luis Obispo County Council of Governments (SLOCOG), says the county could face a $2.3 billion deficit for transportation projects in 23 years...FULL STORY

The Tribune

New SLO County Sales Tax Could Raise $35 Million a Year for Transportation Projects

September, 11th, 2023

The sales tax would create a dedicated funding stream for transportation projects, which can be used to bolster applications for those state grants...FULL STORY

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